Crankshaft Grinding Machine MQ8260C


Crankshaft Grinder Model MQ8260C is modified on the basis of the Model MQ8260A and intended for use in the automobiles tractors diesel engine works and their repair ships to grind the journals and crankpins of crankshafts.

Three different work speeds are obtainable by making use of the belts in the work head. The cover can be opened so that the belts can be changed conveniently.
Cross swallow-tailed chucks are selectively used in the headstock and tailstock
Friction coupling is used in the headstock transmission chain for its easy adjustment
Single layer table, with an oblique angle of 10 degree, longitudinal traverse can be operated either by hand or by power.
Wheel head rapid approach and withdrawal effeced by hydraulic means can be digitally displayed at a resolution of 0.005mm
The wheel spindle being of 80mm in diameter has good rigidity and strength
The roller ways are for wheel head movement
The bed ways and wheel head ways are lubricated in an automatic cycle by means of the oil pump. Plastic coat is adhered to the bed way.
Air cushion can be used on the tailstock providing easy adjustment. Crosswise movement of tailstock is effected.

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